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  • Facts about log wood

Wood logs are the most popular kind of prepared wood. They are made out of trees like oak, beech and ash, which are known for their high-quality timber. As a result, these wood logs burn especially long, making it possible to wait longer before adding more wood to the boiler.

However, if wood log heating systems are used as central-heating systems, you can use conifers like spruce – in particular because this kind of timber is often significantly cheaper.

If you do not produce your own wood but have to buy it, it is useful to carefully study the norms and measuring units.

Conversion factors between units

  • 2.5 kilo wood are comparable to 1 liter of fuel oil
  • 1 kilo wood (20% water) produces 0.34 WE

1000 liter of fuel oil correlates to:

  • Approximately 5-6 m³ of hardwood
  • Approximately 7-8 m³ of conifer

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