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  • Facts about pellets

Pellets are cylindrical, formed pieces made out of pressed wood. They are produced out of natural wood-waste that originates when wood-products are fabricated. The biggest advantage over wood chips and wood logs is that you can generate the highest fuel value because their moisture content is so low. Pellets are very easy to store and can even be kept in tanks or sacks.

In the recent years, pellets have become one of the most popular, eco-friendly methods of heating in Germany. Many large industrial plants contribute to the production of pellets due to their large quantity of waste-wood. This is why there is no problem in covering the demand in timber waste for the pellets production. This also contributes to a long-term low price.

Pellets are measured in units like kilogram or tons and they have to fulfill very strict norms when it comes to the measuring their density, fuel value, moisture content and ash content. It is very important to check these numbers, because poor quality of the pellets can be very harmful to your heating system.

1.000 liter fuel oil correlates to:

  • About 2 tons of pellets

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