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1. Register

Create an account quickly and conveniently. You can find the registration here. After activation via a link that you receive by e-mail, you can log in.

Important: No umlauts (ä, ü, ö, ß) or special characters may be used in the user name.

2. Log in

Log in with your access data – the HDG WebControl automatically opens in a new tab.

Simply click on the "HDG WebControl" button in the connection.

3. Add a heating system

Click on the plus symbol to add your HDG (central-heating) boiler to your account. To do this, you need the so-called MAC address of your HDG Control XL heating controller. This can be found in the settings of the controller under "Settings >> Network".

In addition to the MAC address, Software1.54 requires a PIN to access the HDG WebControl. You can enter the individual PIN in the HDG Control Touch XL operating unit, under "Main Menu" >> "System Settings" >> "Network" >> par. 01-56 myHDG PIN or par. 01-57 myHDG Expert PIN. The PIN must not be 0000.