HDG R15-20

The HDG R15 impresses with modern technology at a moderate price. The ideal complement to an oil or gas heating system.

Log wood
Wood chips
Power levels: 15 kW
  • Inside view of the boiler










    1 - HDG Easy Control
    2 - Flue gas duct
    3 - Fuel chamber door
    4 - Air openings
    5 - Ash compartment
    6 - Combustion chamber
    7 - Edged panels
    8 - Cleaning turbulators
    9 - Flue gas fan
  • Technical data

    HDG R15-20


    HDG R15

    Nominal thermal power (kW) 15
    Fuel chamber capacity (l) 65
    Fuel chamber depth (mm) 360
    Required auxiliary energy (W) 15
    Diameter of the flue gas pipe connection (mm) 130
    Flue draught requirement (Pa) 6


    Dimensions and weight


    HDG R15

    Height of boiler with control (mm) 1440
    Width without cleaning lever (mm) 630
    Depth without attachments (mm) 720
    Total weight (kg) 480


    Energy label


    HDG R15

    Boiler energy efficiency class A+
    Boiler + controller energy efficiency class (class VI) A+

Technology makes the difference

The perfect auxiliary boiler

The HDG R15 is the ideal complement to an existing oil, gas or even pellet boiler. The HDG R is also used with heat pumps or in combination with a thermal solar system in low energy housing.

This brings economic advantages and additional security.

As the HDG R15 is an auxiliary boiler, the running time is designed for 800 operating hours per year. A maximum of 30 percent hardwood is recommended for the fuel. Otherwise, this will result in greater wear to the boiler.

Particularly space-saving

Can be used in almost any boiler room thanks to its extra-compact design and exchangeable door hinge.

Clean and efficient

Lowest emissions and maximum efficiency thanks to clean afterburning in the high-temperature combustion chamber and heat exchanger cleaning system as standard.

Low-odour heating

Clean and odourless conditions in the boiler room when opening the fuel chamber door due to integrated flue gas exhaust.

Video of the HDG R15

We show how easy it is to fire up the HDG R.

Please to watch this YouTube video.

Absolute control

HDG Easy-Control control technology

HDG Easy Control
  • Easy operation with self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Flue gas and boiler temperature-controlled combustion and output control
  • Safe operation due to refuel signal display
  • Release of an oil/gas boiler
  • Control of the return temperature control with residual heat utilisation
  • "Our installer recommended the HDG R boiler to us. So far, we are very satisfied."

    Kozisnik family