HDG K35-60

The HDG K38-63 also satisfies large heat demands without any problems. This makes it the ideal pellet boiler for larger properties.

Log wood
Wood chips
Power levels: 35 kW, 38 kW, 45 kW, 49 kW, 60 kW, 63 kW
  • Inside view of the boiler








    1 - HDG Control with large touchscreen
    2 - Pellet suction system for suction into the intermediate container
    3 - Pellet reservoir for around 135 kilos of pellets
    4 - Stainless steel burner pot with patented ash removal system
    5 - Automatic cleaning system of the heat exchangers
    6 - Automatic ash removal of all combustion residues
    7 - Large-volume and mobile ash container
  • Technical data






    Nominal thermal power (kW) 38 45 49,9 63
    Power range (kW) 10,8-38 13,5-45 14,9-50 18,2-63
    Flue gas mass flow (kg/s) 0,0228 0,0261 0,0291 0,0372
    Water capacity (l) 113 113 113 113
    Max. permissible operating pressure (bar) 3 3 3 3
    Flue draught requirement (Pa) 5 5 5 5
    Permissible flow temperature for buffer operation (°C) 85 85 85 85

    Dimensions and weight






    Height incl. reservoir (mm) 1665  1665 1665 1665
    Width (mm) 1220 1220 1220 1220
    Depth excluding flue gas pipe connection (mm) 998 998 998 998
    Flue gas pipe diameter (mm) 150 150 150 150
    Weight (kg) 647 647 647 647

    Energy label






    Boiler energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+ A+
    Boiler + controller energy efficiency class (class VI) A+ A+ A++ A++
  • 3D view

Say goodbye to your oil heating!

Pellet boilers have successfully established themselves as a climate-friendly heating alternative in recent years. They offer unbeatable advantages over oil heating in particular!

Take advantage of the high government subsidies available today. Whether it's a replacement bonus or a scrapping bonus – switching from an oil-fired heating system to a pellet boiler is more worthwhile today than ever before.

HDG Pellethaus

Technology makes the difference

Great performance with ease

The HDG K38-63 also covers large heating requirements with ease. This makes it the ideal climate-friendly pellet heating solution for larger properties – from apartment buildings to public facilities. At the same time, the HDG K38-63 remains pleasingly compact and combines a space-saving footprint with particularly easy installation.

In addition, it has all the advantages of its "little brother", such as particularly quiet operation, maximum efficiency and the innovative HDG Control technology.

Fits through (almost) any door

The HDG K38-63 is delivered in separate parts and can be brought into the building through any standard door. Due to the small footprint and small minimum clearances, the pellet boiler also fits into cramped boiler rooms.

Easy installation

The HDG K38-63 is supplied largely pre-assembled. Only a few components then have to be assembled without water-carrying connections.

Highest efficiencies

The efficient combustion technology enables the lowest emission values, far below the legal requirements. The precise air control with speed-controlled flue gas fan also achieves very good behaviour in partial load operation, even without an accumulator.

Perfect accessibility

Cleaning and maintenance of the HDG K38-63 are extremely convenient thanks to the easy and, above all, complete accessibility from the front and the particularly large combustion chamber door.

Clean and convenient

The burner pot and heat exchanger are cleaned automatically and the combustion residues are compressed in the large-volume, mobile ash container. On average, this only needs to be emptied 1 to 3 times a year.

Power-saving and quiet

The HDG K38-63 also excels in power consumption with maximum efficiency. In normal operation, only 103 watts are required. Thanks to the silent and also power-saving ignition element, our large pellet boiler is also extremely quiet in operation.

Video of the HDG K35-60

Find out how easy it is to heat with the HDG and experience our economical pellet boiler as used by our customers.

Please to watch this YouTube video.

Absolute control

Perfectly regulated with the HDG Control

The new HDG Control is the intelligent control centre for your entire heating system. Whether on the large touchscreen on the boiler or via the app: With HDG Control, you always have absolute control over your heating system.

HDG Control Systemregler
  • Read information and make settings via the easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Control of combustion and output
  • Control of external heat sources
  • Integration of solar thermal systems, accumulators, heating circuits, mains pumps, domestic hot water preparation, etc.
  • On request: Full web access and app for iOS and Android

From the warehouse to the boiler

Flexible storage technology for every area of application

With pellets, heating is convenient – including with regard to the storage of the small pressed wood pellets. Regardless of the structural conditions, a pellet boiler can be set up in almost any building thanks to HDG's flexible discharge technology – not only that, but it can be perfectly tailored to individual needs.

Austragung Pellet Übersicht
  • Pellet mole: Ideal for individually planned fuel storage rooms and particularly quick to install. There is not usually any need for a sloping floor.
  • Pellet suction probes: Most common storage system, because individual rooms are fully utilised. Variants with up to 8 probes are possible.
  • Pellet fabric silo: Prefabricated pellet store, which is quickly installed without much planning effort. Can also be placed directly next to the boiler if no extra fuel storage room is available.
  • "Our dual system combines high output with maximum reliability – and at an affordable price!"

    Stefan Hild