HDG domestic hot water tank

Storage tank for domestic hot water preparation with bare-tube heat exchanger, cleaning flange and efficient insulation.

Technology makes the difference

Highest production quality

The HDG domestic hot water tanks RS/RS-2 are suitable for the central hot water supply. They are made of steel suitable for enamelling, with a quality certificate according to DIN 4753. The domestic hot water tanks also have DVGW approval.

Perfect hygiene

The surfaces in contact with hot water are protected against corrosion thanks to the high-quality enamelling and the magnesium protective anode. This ensures that the drinking water only comes into contact with hygienically safe material.

Efficient insulation

The thermal insulation consists of 45 mm for 200 l and 50 mm for 300–500 l of foamed-on PU hard foam insulation with a silver-grey foil jacket. From 750 l, the domestic hot water tanks have 80 mm soft foam insulation.