HDG Heating Box

Flexible container solutions with modular design for log wood, wood chips and pellet boilers.

  • Technical data
    Width 2.98 Meter
    Length 6.00 Meter
    Outer height 3.06 Meter
    Inner height 2.68 Meter

Technology makes the difference

HDG Heating Box – Flexible container solutions for all HDG wood heating systems

The HDG Heating Box is suitable for wood chip and pellet boilers as well as for log wood boilers. Due to the modular construction of the solid containers, heating systems of up to 800 kW can be realised. The external heating system is of particular interest if there is no suitable space for a wood heating system in the building to be heated.

The HDG Heating Box is quick and convenient to set up and can also be easily integrated into existing building ensembles.

Heating box for log wood boiler

The simplest version of the HDG Heating Box accommodates all HDG log wood boilers as well as the matching accumulators, expansion vessels and connections for the heat pipes. Special accumulator sizes are available to make optimum use of the space. This enables particularly efficient use of space. In the log burning version of the HDG Heating Box there is also enough room for the storage of logs. On level ground, the log wood can be brought in simply and conveniently.

Heating box for pellet boiler

Heating systems for pellets can also be accommodated in the HDG Heating Box. This makes the heating container particularly attractive for customers whose spatial conditions are not optimally suited for a pellet boiler. Regardless of whether one stand-alone container, a container with a fibreglass silo, two heating containers next to another or even two heating containers – one on top of the other – all types of set-up are conceivable and practicable. Suitable delivery systems are the pellet suction system and flexi blade delivery system.

Heating box for wood chip boiler

All models of the HDG Compact and HDG M series can be installed in the heating centre, as special heating box solutions are provided for all systems. HDG Heating Boxes equipped with automatic wood chip boilers are used in municipal facilities and industrial plants, but also in residential construction. The optional hinged roof of the HDG Heating Box ensures easy filling of the fuel store with wood chips.