HDG Fresh Water Station

Fresh water station with energy efficiency pumps and optimised control.

Technology makes the difference

A new approach to hygienic drinking water heating

A fresh water station is a particularly hygienic way of heating drinking water. The water is heated in a flow-through process in a plate heat exchanger above the connected accumulator.

This means that exactly the amount of drinking water that is needed at the moment is always heated "just in time". This means germs have no chance.

Hygienically impeccable

Due to the flow-through principle of operation, hygienically perfect DHW heating is achieved.

Energy-saving circulating pump

Depending on the temperature and volume flow on the drinking water side, the circulation pump on the heating side is speed-controlled.

Highest pouring rate

The pouring rate is up to 80 litres per minute – depending on the set temperature.

Perfectly insulated

The entire assembly group is fitted with EPP insulation to reduce heat loss to a minimum.

Simplest menu navigation

The powerful microprocessor-controlled regulation ensures that the drinking water is provided at precise temperatures.

Convenient maintenance

All necessary connections for rinsing are already included making simple maintenance possible at any time.