HDG FK Hybrid

The HDG FK Hybrid combines the advantages of a log wood boiler with the convenience of a pellet boiler.

Log wood
Wood chips
Power levels: 20/15 kW, 30/15 kW, 30/25,9 kW, 40/25,9 kW, 50/25,9 kW
  • Inside view of the boiler











    1 - HDG Control
    2 - Filling opening
    3 - Combustion chamber
    4 - Flue gas damper
    5 - Fully automatic cleaning system
    6 - Ash container
    7 - Pellet storage container
    8 - Reservoir
    9 - Automatic ignition
    10 - Chimney connection
  • Technical data

    HDG FK Hybrid Technische Zeichnung


    FK 20/15

    FK 30/15

    FK 30/26

    FK 40/26

    FK 50/26

    Nominal thermal power (kW) 20/15 30/15 30/25,9 40/25,9 50/25,9
    Fuel chamber capacity (l) 155 155 155 205 205
    Fuel chamber depth (mm) 570 570 570 570 570
    Required auxiliary energy (W) 78/33 85/33 85/48 63/48 63/48
    Diameter of the flue gas pipe connection (mm) 150 150 150 150 150
    Flue draught requirement (Pa) 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5

    Dimensions and weight


    FK 20/15

    FK 30/15

    FK 30/26

    FK 40/26

    FK 50/26

    Height of the boiler (mm) 1730 1730 1730 1730 1730
    Width (mm) 1490 1490 1490  1590  1590
    Depth without attachments (mm)
    1230 1230 1230 1230 1230
    Total weight (kg) 830 830 850 1100 1100

    All dimensions for HDG FK Hybrid with pellet suction system. Differs for hand filling.

    Energy label


    FK 20/15

    FK 30/15

    FK 30/26

    FK 40/26

    FK 50/26

    Boiler energy efficiency class A+/A+ A+/A+ A+/A+ A+/A+ A+/A+
    Boiler + controller energy efficiency class (class VI)
    A++/A+ A+/A+ A+/A++ A++/A++ A++/A++
  • 3D view

Technology makes the difference

The best of two worlds

The log wood-pellet combination HDG FK Hybrid consists of the HDG F gasifying wood boiler and the HDG K pellet unit. Together, these two wood heating systems become a combined boiler with the convenience of an automatic pellet boiler and the advantages of a modern log wood boiler. 

And: If you decide on a pure log wood boiler first, you can retrofit the pellet unit at any time later – without having to modify the boiler or the pipework.

Two combustion chambers – two specialists

In contrast to combined combustion chambers, the system with two combustion chambers in the HDG FK Hybrid combines the highest operational safety with the lowest emissions, without compromise. Switching between log wood and pellet operation is fully automatic. 

Only one chimney connection necessary

Thanks to the clever flue gas pipe combination, only one chimney connection is required for the HDG FK Hybrid, despite two combustion chambers. This is made possible by alternating operation with either log wood or pellets.

Flexible alternatives

In addition to the HDG FK Hybrid, all other HDG pellet and log wood boilers can also be flexibly combined with each other::

  • Perfect utilisation of the available space
  • Can even be installed in different rooms
  • Overarching and uniform "HDG Control" regulation
  • Simple retrofitting possible

Der HDG FK Hybrid im Video

Erfahren Sie, wie einfach das Heizen mit dem HDG ist und erleben Sie unseren flexiblen Scheitholz-Pellet-Kombikessel im Einsatz bei unseren Kunden.

Please to watch this YouTube video.
Please to watch this YouTube video.

Absolute control

Perfectly regulated with the HDG Control

The new HDG Control is the intelligent control centre for your entire heating system. Whether on the large touchscreen on the boiler or via the app: With HDG Control, you always have absolute control over your heating system.

HDG Control Systemregler
  • Control of combustion and output
  • Control of external heat sources
  • Integration of solar thermal systems, accumulators, heating circuits, mains pumps
  • Domestic hot water preparation, etc.
  • Intelligent follow-up management: Refuel the right amount at the right time
  • Automatic switching between log wood and pellet operation
  • Ignite from anywhere with HDG remote ignition via computer, tablet & smartphone

From the warehouse to the boiler

Flexible storage technology for every area of application

With pellets, heating is convenient – including with regard to the storage of the small pressed wood pellets. Regardless of the structural conditions, a pellet boiler can be set up in almost any building thanks to HDG's flexible discharge technology – not only that, but it can be perfectly tailored to individual needs.

Austragung Pellet Übersicht
  • Pellet mole: Ideal for individually planned fuel storage rooms and particularly quick to install. There is not usually any need for a sloping floor.
  • Pellet suction probes: Most common storage system, because individual rooms are fully utilised.
  • Pellet fabric silo Prefabricated pellet store, which is quickly installed without much planning effort. Can also be placed directly next to the boiler if no extra fuel storage room is available.
  • "We wanted to heat cheaply and flexibly with wood. This is the perfect solution because the two
    special boilers are particularly economical to run."

    Matzinger family