HDG solar collectors

Use the sun as an additional energy source with HDG solar collectors. The ideal complement to your wood heating system.

  • Technical data
    Dimensions 2186 x 1156 x 80 mm
    Gross area 2.53 square meters
    Absorber surface 2.349 square meters
    Connections 2 x 18 mm
    Heat transfer medium content 2.7 l
    Weight 37 kg
    Permissible operating pressure 10 bar

Technology makes the difference

Using the power of the sun cleverly

Use the sun as an additional source of energy in your home. Solar energy is free and permanently available.

  1. The solar collector converts sunlight into heat.
  2. The heated solar fluid transports the generated heat to the heat exchanger.
  3. If the solar energy is not sufficient, the HDG wood boiler covers the required amount of energy without any loss of convenience.
  4. The solar system can be integrated in up to 3 zones (domestic hot water and/or accumulator).

Advantages of solar thermal energy

  • Low-maintenance and reliable technology
  • Using the sun as a free energy supplier
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • High funding opportunities minimise investment costs

Perfectly combined with HDG boilers

  • Increases efficiency through the use of a shared memory
  • Increases convenience through less heating, especially during the summer months
  • Reduces fuel costs by using free solar energy

Easy installation

  • Installation: Upright side by side/crosswise on top of each other possible
  • Tilt angle: 20 to 60 degrees
  • Series connection: Maximum 6 collectors