Domestic hot water heat pump

The HDG domestic hot water heat pump enables flexible and cost-effective heating of domestic hot water.

  • Technical data

    Dimensions and connections:

    Height 1768 mm
    Diameter 707 mm
    Weight 153 kg
    Cold / Hot water R 1“
    Circulation R 3/4“
    Heat exchanger  R 1“
    Condensate outlet R 1/2“
    Air ducts (supply and exhaust air) 160 mm

    Electrical data:

    Voltage / Frequency / Fuse 230 V / 50 Hz / 13 A
    Power consumption compressor 0,395 kW
    Power auxiliary heating 2,0 kW


    Volume 258 l
    Nominal pressure 1,0 Mpa
    Area auxiliary heat exchanger 1,0 m²
    Max. Storage tank temperature 65 °C
    Supply air temperature range -10 °C to +35 °C

    Power coefficients

    COP (L20/W10 - 55)* - internal air - tapping profile XL 3.62
    Energy efficiency class (medium climate zone) A+
    Hot water output 950 l / 24 h
    Sound pressure level 37 dB(A) measured 2 m distance / 1 m height

    Heat pump

    Heating capacity compressor 1.421 kW
    Air flow rate 200 - 300 m³/h
    Refrigerant 200 - 300 m³/h

Technology makes the difference

Making perfect use of your own electricity

The HDG domestic hot water heat pump BRWP 300 enables flexible and cost-effective heating of domestic hot water. It can integrate a photovoltaic system and conveniently converts the self-produced electricity into heat. The domestic hot water heat pump draws in ambient air and expels cooler drier air. This means cellar rooms can be dehumidified and rooms can be air-conditioned.

Extensive equipment

  • Robust HD steel tank with premium glazing (enamelled) for long life expectancy
  • Standard signal anode guarantees permanent corrosion protection
  • Can be operated with room air or outside air (-10°C to +35°C)
  • Additional heat exchanger for connection of further energy generators (e.g. wood boiler or solar)
  • Highly efficient, CFC-free thermal insulation ensures low standstill losses of only 20 W
  • Safe hygiene by means of legionella programme

Clever control technology

  • Intelligent Smart Grid Interface enables connectivity of photovoltaic systems and multi-tariff meters for optimal use of free self-generated electricity with maximum hot water convenience
  • Boost function – for short-term increased hot water demand due to integrated electric heating element
  • Timer function – individually adjustable when the domestic hot water heat pump runs
  • Holiday function – reduces consumption during absence

Transport and installation

  • Can be ideally integrated into any boiler room, due to low space requirement and installation height
  • Plug-and-play installation with pre-set control saves time and guarantees easiest operation