HDG Euro 30-50

Thanks to the convenient top-loading, the HDG Euro is ideally suited to a wide variety of wood types and sizes.

Log wood
Wood chips
Power levels: 30 kW, 40 kW, 48 kW
  • Inside view of the boiler













    1 - HDG Control
    2 - Fuel chamber door
    3 - Primary and secondary air
    4 - Ash compartment
    5 - Height adjustable cast iron grate
    6 - Burner nozzle
    7 - Fuel chamber
    8 - Combustion chamber
    9 - Cleaning openings
    10 - Flue gas fan
    11 - Flue gas temperature sensor
    12 - Heat exchanger surface areas
  • Technical data


    HDG Euro 30

    HDG Euro 40

    HDG Euro 50

    Nominal thermal power (kW) 30 40 48
    Fuel chamber capacity (l) 220 220 220
    Filling shaft width (mm) 560 560 560
    Required auxiliary energy (W) 94 125 157
    Diameter of the flue gas pipe connection (mm) 180 180 180
    Flue draught requirement (Pa) 13 14 14

    Dimensions and weight


    HDG Euro 30

    HDG Euro 40

    HDG Euro 50

    Height of boiler when closed (mm) 1370 1370 1370
    Width without automatic ignition (mm) 785 785 785
    Depth without attachments (mm) 1260 1260 1260
    Total weight (kg) 979 979 979

    Energy label


    HDG Euro 30

    HDG Euro 40

    HDG Euro 50

    Boiler energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+
    Boiler + controller energy efficiency class (class VI)  
  • 3D view

Technology makes the difference

Heat (almost) any wood fuel

In addition to log wood, the HDG Euro 30-50 can also be fired with waste wood, wood chips, shavings or even pressed wood briquettes. Two things make this possible: the practical filling from above ("top loader") and the unique combustion technology.

In order to guarantee the highest life expectancy with all its fuel flexibility, this "all-rounder" has also been designed to be extremely robust.

This makes the HDG Euro the most flexible wood heater for almost any application.

Built to last

The HDG Euro is designed to be extremely robust. The filling shaft wall made of 10 mm thick quality sheet steel and the solid air-cooled cast burner nozzle ensure an uncompromisingly long life expectancy.

Scale liner: for added protection

On request, the fuel chamber can be fitted with a scale liner. This further optimises the boiler protection, especially when many different fuels are used. The conical fuel chamber facilitates movement of the fuel.

Efficiency at top level

The particularly large surface area of the heat exchangers guarantees optimum heat transfer. Together with the extremely clean afterburning in the modular, hinged combustion chamber, your heating is permanently eco friendly and clean.

Sensor-controlled combustion

The flue gas temperature sensor and lambda sensor provide the reference variables for combustion. This means the required combustion air can be continuously regulated via the actuators for primary and secondary air. The result is the lowest possible emissions and low wood consumption.

Practical top loading

Thanks to the unique top loading, other wood fuels, such as wood chips or shavings, can also be used in the HDG Euro in addition to "standard" 1/2-metre logs, in conjunction with the scale liner. For maximum safety, the fuel chamber door has been equipped with a pneumatic support and a safety lock.

Experience greater convenience

Practical convenience highlights, such as the optional HDG automatic ignition system for automatic and on-demand ignition, large ash containers for infrequent ash removal and easily accessible cleaning openings, make the HDG Euro a convenient all-rounder.

Video of the HDG Euro 30-50

Find out how easy it is to heat with the HDG and experience the all-rounder among the log wood boilers as used by our customers.

Please to watch this YouTube video.
Please to watch this YouTube video.

Absolute control

Perfectly regulated with the HDG Control

The new HDG Control is the intelligent control centre for your entire heating system. Whether on the large touchscreen on the boiler or via the app: With HDG Control, you always have absolute control over your heating system.

HDG Control Systemregler
  • Control of combustion and output
  • Control of external heat sources
  • Integration of solar thermal systems, accumulators, heating circuits, mains pumps
  • Domestic hot water preparation, etc.
  • Intelligent follow-up management: Refuel the right amount at the right time
  • "A log wood boiler in a single-family home? Of course you can!"

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